Psychotherapist & Consultant

Individual and Couples Therapy:

Feel the inner freedom and transform your relationships

Talking about your life, relationship, and mental health problems can sometimes be really intimidating. However, it can also be a really rewarding and engaging process that doesn’t always have to focus on the pain and suffering. I meet you where you are, work at a pace you’re comfortable with, and focus on creating an approach that fits you and helps you to transform your life and relationships. I welcome you to be yourself and help to guide you to understand yourself and others better.

I am a warm, open-minded, and integrative licensed psychologist, who specializes in helping diverse individual teens/adults and couples/relationships to:

In the process of psychotherapy with me, you can learn to feel better and to be more free, grounded, self-confident, and connected. You can also learn to cope with life’s events more successfully, have enjoyable relationships, and live a more meaningful, satisfying life.

**psychotherapy is provided in English and/or Russian

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