Choosing a psychotherapist who is knowledgeable and thoughtful about your goals and about what you are experiencing is an important step in starting therapy/counseling.

My specialties include addressing people’s needs and goals in an integrative manner, incorporating mind/body awareness with cultural, psychological, contextual, and other relevant factors. I specialize in working with diverse adolescents/teens (12+), adults/older adults, and couples/relationships on the following issues:

  • depression, anxiety, and traumas (click to expand)

  • self-esteem; inner child & adult (click to expand)

  • women’s issues and relationship issues (click to expand)

  • Flow

    Based on my research and clinical work, I have particular expertise in states of ‘flow’, or the feeling of oneness with an activity or a person, in which you can feel a sense of focus, openness, calmness, enjoyment, and loss of track of time. If you are wondering about flow, think about the state of mind athletes sometimes experience, in which they feel ‘in the zone’, focused, relaxed, etc. Flow can be an important source of happiness, spontaneity, creativity, and satisfaction at your job, favorite hobby, or when relating to loved ones. Together, we can work on tapping into your creativity and flow.

    Specialty Populations

    Besides the populations listed under my specialties, I have over 10 years of experience and really enjoy working with those who identify as:

    • immigrants (Russians, Eastern Europeans, and others); ‘transplants’

    • working professionals (IT industry and others)

    • queer/LGBTQ+

    • non-traditional, non-monogamous/poly/open relationships

    • marginalized individuals (POC and others)

    • students and millenials

    • introverts

    • veterans and elderly

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