About me

I just love the field of psychology, and really enjoy working with people on their journeys toward healing and transformation. I have extensive experience in research; psychodiagnostic, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational assessments/evaluations; consultation; and psychotherapy. Having worn so many hats in my work, training, and education experiences has helped me to develop a holistic approach. By ‘holistic’, I mean that in treatment, I work with all relevant parts of a person’s life: their mind/body, context, history, culture, physiology, etc.

My overall approach to psychotherapy and consultation is warm, non-judgmental, supportive, as well as directive when needed. My psychotherapy style integrates a cross-cultural, social justice, and trauma-informed lens with psychodynamic/psychoanalytic, relational, depth-oriented, cognitive-behavioral, harm reduction, and mindfulness-based techniques. In my approach, I focus on genuinely understanding and addressing the goals and needs of a person/relationship. I meet people where they are, in order to get to where they want to get.

Dr. Asya Grigorieva, Ph.D.

I believe that any person can feel freer of pain and suffering and can enjoy life and relationships more when their concerns are addressed, coping skills are learnt, and innate strengths/talents are identified and practiced. Innate strengths and talents can be used in and outside of treatment to foster growth and increase the quality of life. On a similar note, it can also be important to become aware of and oriented to cultural and social justice issues, as these and other external factors can influence mental wellness and illness.

Lastly, another focus of mine is prevention. It is part of the human experience to deal with a variety of stressors regularly, and, depending on pre-existing mental health difficulties, coping with new stressors can exacerbate mental health concerns. I like to teach people coping skills that help them to deal with and adapt to inevitable stressors and transitions in a more effective way, thus having a more positive impact on wellness.

I am able to provide services in English and/or Russian.

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